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Expatriate Management

Expatriate management is about moving your business' most precious resource – your colleagues.

For any international business, the expatriation process is complex and inconsistent, changing according to the country of relocation. As an HR manager, the work continues once your colleagues are overseas. There, you'll need to offer relocated team members practical and personal support, before making their repatriation as smooth as possible.

MCN Global HR help you do just that, offering a flexible, fully outsourced HR solution for US businesses posting staff abroad.

Expatriate Careers: Laying the Groundwork

Our expatriate relocation services are focused on preparation. Once you’ve decided where to relocate your employees, it’s important to lay the foundations for their move at home and in your target country.

We’ll start by preparing your employees’ US tax and social status to go into hiatus while applying for work permits in your target country. Because of their key effect on both employer and employee, expatriate tax services are among the most important we offer.

Working with our network of in-county partners, we can then offer advice and support for the full range of preparations needed in your target country. These include:

Sourcing accommodation and schooling
Arranging international health care
Providing cultural support for your expatriate employees
Pet visas and quarantine controls

Successful Repatriation

Having made your employees’ move abroad as fluid as possible, we’ll then focus on relocating them back to the US.

Repatriation support is an integral part of our expatriate management service. Reopening an employee's tax and social security profile in the US requires guidance. The process can be complex, and if done incorrectly can incur costs for both employer and employee. MCN is also ready to coordinate shipping and other relocation services for repatriated team members.

Managing an international workforce is made simple with the support of our expatriate relocation services. For more information, contact an MCN global mobility advisor today.



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