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International Relocation

Employee expatriation means more than a working holiday and carries with it much more baggage. While the chance to engage with new cultures and markets can be an important step forward for your business, the costs and complexities of international relocation can be vast.

Not so, with the help of MCN Associates. Our international relocation services are focused on making expatriation easy. Through a combination of expert preparation and responsive trouble-shooting, we work on behalf of US parent businesses to mitigate the risks associated with posting staff overseas. Ensuring the relocation of employees is as fluid as possible is a must for any international business. Failure to do so could damage relations between your US parent firm and your relocated team member, putting your global venture into jeopardy.

Moving Teams Overseas

Businesses moving teams overseas come to MCN again and again to take advantage of our flexible, responsive international assignment services. If you need an answer to a one-off query or end-to-end management of your global relocation project, let our consultants know.

What We Do

Thirty years of Internation relocation experience meand we know which issues to prepare for, wherever your employees are headed. Our outsourced HR function can handle any of the following:

Tax Management

Suspending an employee's tax and social security affairs in the US and then opening them abroad is a key legal duty for international businesses.

Expatriate Finance

Keeping control of relocation expenses is integral to making it pay for your business to post staff overseas. Our consultants can manage all expatriation finances on your behalf, including payroll administration and allowances for accommodation, equipment and transport.

Pet Services

Our international assignment services also cover man’s best friend – because he needs a passport too!

Compensation and Benefits

Providing employees with an attractive relocation package is an important step towards successful expatriation. Working with a host of US international businesses means MCN is on-hand to offer accurate and sensitive benchmarking support for your firm.

Accomodation, Schooling & International Medical Care

Employees moving their families abroad will want to know their personal needs are being met. Our in-country consultants can prepare any necessary measure for your employees before their departure, including family vaccinations and freight shipping via trusted international relocation companies.

Once your employees’ time abroad is over, we can also manage their repatriation to the US.


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