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Repatriation Services

Your employee's international assignment has run its course and your colleague is returning back to the US. For you, the complexities that come with global mobility and expatriation are over. You can look forward to welcoming your team member back to your US office, ready to learn from their new found knowledge of overseas business.

Not so fast. As an HR manager, it’s crucial you provide the same support for employees following their international experience as you did during. Failure to do so could cause a breakdown in the relationship between you and your valued employees – especially if they feel you supported them inadequately during their time overseas.

The International Repatriation Process Simplified

There's no need for this to happen. MCN provides a full repatriation program for US businesses working anywhere in the world. Just as we can help your employees find their feet overseas at the beginning of their assignment , so we can prepare for every aspect of their return to the US.

We’ll start by managing your employees’ enrolment back into the US tax and social security system. Working closely with repatriated staff members, we can then arrange accommodation, schooling and all the other ingredients necessary for their new life in the US, including documentation for bringing pets back into the country. Because repatriation costs can quickly spiral, we'll also keep tight control over the finances involved in the process.

Three decades spent managing the repatriation process means our consultants can offer expert advice on how to best support your relocated employees and their families. Emotional support is something too often overlooked when businesses bring their staff back from overseas postings. The repatriation process means much more than coming home: “Reverse Culture Shock” is a real and bewildering condition for employees and their families.

If you feel you need help to support employees readjusting from their expatriate lifestyles, let us help. Your flexible HR partner, MCN is on hand to answer one-off relocation queries or manage the repatriation process for whole teams.

Managing Medical Repatriation

When expatriate employees fall ill, our consultants are ready to step in. Our medical repatriation services ensure your overseas staff receive the treatment they need at repatriation costs your business can handle.

For more information on our repatriation management services or if you have a question about the repatriation process, contact one of our consultants.



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