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Immigration Services

The legal implications of going global are huge for both employer and employee. Understanding the facts about immigration, handling your employer’s obligations overseas and meeting visa requirements is central to making an international assignment work. Not doing so could mean expensive and time-consuming legal issues later on, or even your business being blacklisted by foreign governments in the future.

Working with an MCN immigration consultant allows your business to fully outsource its global immigration management and so avoid these issues. We deal with the complexities of corporate immigration law while you focus on offering support to your expatriate employees – the real key to business success abroad.

Our Immigration Services

After thirty years assisting US businesses going global, MCN Associates understands the time and risks involved in sending team members on international assignment. That means we can counter problems before they even occur, leaving your business totally prepared. Our corporate immigration services include:

Visa Services

Entering a country of work having failed to provide accurate data to local immigration authorities can cause delays and difficulties which can threaten your entire overseas venture. MCN can advise on meeting your legal obligations and even complete visa reporting on your behalf. An MCN immigration consultant is your key to knowing what status your employees should seek to best benefit your business abroad.

Immigration Support

Our immigration consultants are on-hand to plan whole team immigration projects or answer isolated queries. 

Supported by our network of in-country immigration specialists, we guarantee responsive support for the trickiest immigration questions.

Tier 2 ICT to Tier 2 General Visa Support

Transferring your employees visa type can dramatically change timespan and conditions in which they are allowed to work abroad. We'll manage the transition on your behalf.

Immigration support is a key element of our outsourced HR function. For more information on our immigration service or to talk to an MCN immigration specialist, get in touch.


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