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Immigration Support

Immigration law: a cornerstone of your expatriate experience. Without the right paperwork and permissions, your team’s time overseas could be cut dramatically short. 

Having expatriate employees sent back to the US is one thing. Being blacklisted from entering and operating in territories overseas is a second, more drastic possibility for businesses which fail to comply with immigration policies overseas.

It’s imperative you get immigration right first time when sending employees on international assignment. Doing so can be easier said than done, however – especially when your business is new to global mobility or entering a new territory overseas. Immigration rules are complex and differ greatly between countries; what is acceptable in one region can be completely unlawful in the next. Negotiating the high seas of immigration legislation can be a tricky business. That’s why you need MCN Associates, your integrated immigration support solution.

Mastering the Immigration Process

We work to provide expert immigration advice and management for US businesses sending teams abroad. With thirty years of international HR experience and support from our global consultancy network, you can rely on MCN to solve immigration issues in any part of the world. We know what works for businesses going global, helping you to make the right decisions when it comes to legal declarations and employment status overseas.

Our consultants are on hand to help you deal with immigration problems with confidence. We don’t only fight fire. Our immigration support services are designed to bolster your expatriate experience from start to finish – from providing high-level advisory to completing immigration forms on your behalf. MCN is your outsourced HR solution, working with you, your employees, and in-country authorities to make the immigration process as fluid as possible.

We do a lot more besides: from securing schooling and accommodation to arranging pet passports, our expatriate management services cover all bases. We also provide a comprehensive visa support package to help businesses secure the right permissions to work overseas. /span>

If you've been made the victim of overseas immigration laws, contact one of our consultant.



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