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International Expansion Strategy

Instinct says that planning where to employ staff overseas should follow your business' market expansion. Yet the reality is rarely so simple. When planning your employment global expansion strategy, a multitude of factors need to be considered. Combined, these can be much more complex than deciding whether your product or service will sell in a country. 

Asking yourself why expand internationally? is a good way to begin planning your expansion strategy. As a business leader, you need to understand the costs, risks and likely return on investment of becoming an overseas employer. A successful international expansion strategy is formed by asking the right questions in the right order; something best done with the help of an expert.

Global Expansion Strategy Support

MCN Global HR is that expert. Our consultants have over thirty years experience crafting international expansion strategies for US businesses. Through our network of in-country consultants, we are uniquely placed to offer expert insights into regional employment laws and practices across the globe, helping you minimize your international expansion risks by making informed decisions at every step.

In addition to providing on-call, ad-hoc advisory to business leaders, our consultants offer feasibility studies covering every element of global expansion. Having first taken the time to understand your business, we advise on the costs of employing in a country, patterns in industrial expertise and the quality of the employment pool in different regions. Ours is a tailored approached, designed to demonstrate whether operating in a country is right for your business.

"Doing Business" in All Countries

For clients whose international expansion strategy is still in its earliest stages, we also provide our unique “Doing Business In” white papers. Designed to support high-level decision-making, these documents detail the compensation, benefit and immigration requirements a US employer must meet when entering different countries for the first time.

Once your expansion plan is fixed, MCN can begin setting up a business entity in your chosen country, along with a host of other support solutions.

Whatever your goals, MCN has a service to help craft your international expansion plan. For more information, contact the MCN team.



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