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International expansion is one of the trickiest human capital challenges an employer faces

Which HR headaches will your new location cause? Should you move existing employees or find new talent “on the ground”?
How will you manage new employees from afar? Often, human capital management questions are raised at a faster rate
than you can answer them.

Our Expertise

Expanding abroad, you need an HR business partner you can depend on. MCN Associates offers human capital solutions uniquely tailored to fast-expanding US businesses. Our global network of HR specialists will support your human resource planning process to the last detail, eradicating wasted resource and maximizing return on your investment abroad.

MCN Associates are ready to meet any international human capital challenge. For more information on our services, contact one of our consultancy team

Compensation and Benefits

Human Resource Planning

Businesses can't afford to make mistakes when going global. Supported by our human capital solutions, they don't have to. As part of our international human resource management service, MCN makes it simple to conform to regional employment laws and hire according to local best practice.

Compensation and Benefits

Attracting and retaining talent is crucial to any growing business, especially one expanding overseas. MCN makes it easy to reward and retain new team members with localized compensation and benefits schemes; we’ll even manage your policies for you, leaving you to focus on questions of strategic HR management.

Expatriate Support

It’s not only new teams that need dedicated HR attention. International mobility of talent can cause personal drama when expatriation hits unforeseen problems. Our human capital consulting team have the experience to preempt these issues and create support systems that work for you and your colleagues abroad.

Experienced HR Practitioners

Motivating and engaging employees overseas needn’t be a challenge. Working closely with our human capital consulting teams, our international network of occupational psychologists are on hand to provide employee support and development systems tailored to your business.


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