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Compensation and Benefits

In any workplace, the importance of supporting and rewarding employees cannot be overstated.

Attracting talent, retaining key employees, and recognizing high performance are all integral to business success. That's why the compensation and benefit schemes provided by employers are so significant and have such far-reaching effects. Employees with private health care are likely to return to work quicker than employees under nationalized health schemes; team members on long-term sick leave are more likely to return having been cared for privately.

The International Challenge

It’s therefore not surprising that businesses are increasingly focussed on “being there” and providing value-added incentives for employees. In the US, compensation management is relatively hassle-free, even across state borders. Abroad, the story is different. How will you reward overseas team members at the same level as the employees in your parent business? How will you know the compensation and benefits expectations of your foreign team members?

MCN Associates are ready to meet any international human capital challenge. For more information on our services, contact one of our consultancy team.

MCN Global HR: Full of Benefits

At MCN, we're on hand to manage your international employee compensation and benefits plan from strategy to execution.

From answering one-off compensation and benefits queries to planning a global “Total Reward System”, our consultants are prepared to deal with any question related to staff incentives. Through our dedicated HR outsourcing function, we can even manage your benefit schemes on an international basis.

Our experts have been assisting US businesses going global for three decades, supported by an international network of benefit specialists in countries across the globe. The result is a uniquely effective consultancy service for US businesses: flexible and fast-moving yet utterly dependable. Try it today and experience the MCN benefit.

Do you have an international compensation and benefits issue that needs solving? Just ask.



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