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Employee Compensation

Employee compensation: the benefit your employees earn in return for their loyalty and service.

Your compensation package is much more than the salary paid to team members, and can include enhanced vacation entitlement, stock and bonus options, family allowances, car schemes, variable compensation plans and performance-based financial incentives. Balancing these elements is integral to building a successful workforce overseas.

Getting It Right

The reasons for doing so are simple. The right combination of corporate rewards will allow your business to attract and retain the best candidates overseas, motivating them to achieve more and stay loyal to your workforce. Importantly, the best compensation package will also make your business competitive against other in-country recruiters, especially when combined with an effective employee benefit scheme.

In the case of expatriate employees executive compensation is especially significant. You need to make it worth your team members’ time to uproot their family and home life. Once in their new location, you need to ensure those employees are happy and working effectively, or face your business' time and financial resources being wasted when they choose to leave their posting abroad.

The MCN Solution

At MCN, we understand better than anyone the importance of crafting a compensation strategy that works seamlessly across a business' international offices. Our human capital experts are on hand to help fast-growing US businesses develop effective compensation packages while expanding abroad.

Using our expert knowledge of employee compensation standards overseas, our consultants can provide guidance on any aspect of international compensation, including notice periods, severance agreements, holiday entitlement and stock and long-term incentive plan (LTIP) options.

Working with our network of in-country HR specialists, we first help US business managers understand employees' expectations “on the ground” overseas. The diversity of our Silicon Valley client base then allows us to benchmark our clients’ compensation offer with extreme accuracy and depth. In this way, our compensation management services benefit both employer and employee – a winning combination that drives global workplace success for our clients.

For more information on our compensation benchmarking and advisory services, contact the MCN team.



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