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International Employee Benefits

Attracting and Retaining the Best Employees. How Do You Do It?

You can pay team members well and cultivate a supportive work environment and ethos. That might not be enough, however. For best results, increasing numbers of businesses are seeking to make their employees' personal lives easier using enhanced employee benefit schemes.

Legally, the majority of firms are obliged to offer a minimum standard of employee benefits for their staff. Many now choose to go beyond this, offering private life and medical insurance, enhanced annual leave entitlement, mobile phone allowances, car schemes and professional education and work training opportunities. The choice of employee benefits available is rich and varied; the benefits of providing such initiatives speak for themselves.

Your Obligations Overseas

In the US, a restricted social security system means these benefits are mostly provided at the choice and cost of an employer. Abroad, the situation is very different. Across the EMEA and APAC regions, governments demand more from business owners, setting strict requirements for taxable and non-taxable benefits. In certain countries, the law sets minimum levels of sick pay entitlement and bereavement leave entitlement. Others uphold data protection standards which are much higher than those in the US.

As an HR manager working globally, you are expected to know and understand these regional differences. Moreover, you must balance your global employee benefits with those provided to employees in your US parent business.

Meeting These Obligations

This is why our team of employee benefits consultants are on hand to help plan and administer employee benefit solutions that work for you globally. MCN Associates have more than thirty years experience of implementing and maintaining mandatory and supplementary benefit schemes overseas. Our expertise covers all continents and all types of policy: there is no international benefit question we can’t answer, either ourselves or with the help of our global network of employee benefits consultants.

Our advice and action is scaled up or down according to your situation. We can, for example, put in place mandatory educational funds in specific countries in the Middle East, or source and implement international medical insurance schemes to cover your employees in more than one region. Knowing the intricacies of international benefit law and practice means we know how to provide complete employee benefit solutions, via our vetted benchmarking, planning and implementation processes.

With MCN, the benefits are all yours. For more information, contact one of our team.



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