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Total Reward System

When rewarding teams, HR managers can choose from a wide variety of options to build their employee incentive programs. Variable pay schemes, enhanced compensation and benefit packages, holiday allowances, career development opportunities and work-life initiatives are all possible elements within a total reward system.

Localising Total Reward Initiatives

In your home country, understanding workplace expectations is a given; planning employee reward schemes is relatively simple as a result. Crafting total reward solutions on an international basis is more difficult.

How will you know the reward options most likely to motivate your employees in other cultures?

Your business has to perform competitively against other employers, regardless of the distance between yourself and your employees. Reward and recognition are integral to attracting and retaining workplace talent and making sure your international offices perform as highly as your parent business. It’s therefore crucial to maximize your total reward system overseas.

Total Reward Solution

Total reward solutions cover much more than compensation and benefit provision. Increasingly, MCN is seeing companies looking to secure their employees’ work-life balance through extended holiday hours, socializing opportunities, stock and bonus plans and other corporate perks, especially when those businesses are growing quickly. It’s an approach that makes sense: reward your staff and they will reward you. What could boosting employee recognition do for your firm?

To take advantage of our talent management services and improve reward and recognition in your business, contact our total reward experts.



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