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Human Resource Planning

When it comes to HR planning, few developments create greater obstacles than international expansion. HR advisors are expected to deliver against a multitude of challenges, from deciding when staff members are ready to relocate, to ensuring their move is legally compliant and preparing them for transition into a new culture.

It’s crucial to manage these processes properly because the emotional, financial and legal costs of not doing so can be great – not to mention the failure caused to your business. That’s why MCN offers a full human resource planning service for businesses expanding to new locations..

MCN Associates: Experts Everywhere

Whichever part of the world your business is heading towards, we are already there. Our in-house experts will be able to advise on the challenges you’ll encounter when entering a chosen country, enabling you to put in place the relevant HR planning and HR support to make your expansion a success.

We can even manage the move for you, providing processes and systems exactly tailored to your business needs and resources.

Our experts have over thirty years experience providing international employment law advice and HR support to US businesses expanding abroad. Our professional heritage means our knowledge extends well beyond the legal requirements of your chosen location. Understanding HR best practices in a new country is integral to expansion success. Your HR plan needs to consider the quirks and working cultures of your destination to ensure your colleagues aren’t left in the cold. MCN makes human capital management simple and painless – your outsourced international HR solution.

Human Capital Management

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