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Employment Law Compliance

Without an understanding of employment terms and conditions in each of your international locations, your business could be hit with the full financial and legal costs of justice abroad. The penalties can be much more than monetary. Failure to work within the lines of employment contract law overseas could result in your business being blacklisted in foreign territories – seriously threatening your potential for international success. Employment law compliance is imperative for US businesses hiring abroad.

Asking the Right Questions

Deciding whether to treat your overseas team members as employees or contractors; obtaining the right work permits; understanding employee termination laws when necessary: these are key international employment requirements you’ll need to meet when expanding abroad.

MCN can offer expert advice on these and all other areas of employment law compliance overseas, providing expert employment contract law advice and support to US businesses going global.

When you can’t be “on the ground” in your overseas locations, our worldwide network of consultants is ready to step into your shoes. While we deal with the legalities of international employment, you can focus on achieving results. MCN is a measure for international business success.

Meeting Employment Rights and Responsibilities Abroad

Our service list is comprehensive. We can write offer letters and contracts of employment for new employees, manage employee dismissals and advise on all mandatory benefit and social security schemes for your overseas teams. At MCN, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet all employment law compliance issues head-on, supported by our network of trusted in-country partners.

We believe that in international business, preparation equals success. Having spent more than three decades providing international employment law support, we also offer a full suite of employee mobility solutions to help US businesses expand into new territories. These include immigration, visa, social security and mandatory benefits and entity setup support services.



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