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MCN is the key to focussing your HR policies on these unspoken, important issues, which include how to best reward local employees and deal with staff dismissals in different locations. Thirty years of assisting international businesses means we know which questions you should be asking when expanding into new territories, and can advise on the HR systems needed to make globalization painless. MCN's experience allows us to take a pragmatic approach to interpreting local nuances from both a practical and commercial perspective.

Our expert team is on hand to offer expert insight and HR case studies to inform every stage of your international expansion. Working with US parent businesses on a daily basis means we know their pain points and aim to pre-empt and manage potential difficulties before they occur. Our expertise is also available for strategic workforce planning.

For advice on how to improve your HR procedures abroad or if your overseas operations have run into difficulty, reach out to the MCN team

HR Best Practice

It goes without saying that complying with international employment law is essential when going global. Beyond this, understanding HR best practice abroad is crucial to achieving the company's long-term objectives. MCN is the perfect partner to help make this happen.

Knowing the employment culture in a country is integral to increasing employee engagement there, with all the business benefits this brings. However, too many employers leave this learning process to chance, with legal and financial results that can be a drain on resources and an unnecessary distraction on their operations overseas.

HR Best Practice: Key to International Success

Working with our team of consultants means this needn’t be the case. We make it simple for US businesses to understand HR best practices anywhere in the world. We know which employment tests are required in which country; we can advise whether to engage colleagues as employees or contractors; and we know how to write contracts and offer letters according to local standards. Our expertise also extends to workplace compensation and benefits, because social security requirements abroad are very different to those in the United States.

These are only a handful of the issues US businesses should be aware of, many of which fall outside the guidelines of the law.



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