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Occupational Psychology

Improving the working lives of your employees is as beneficial for your business as it is for your staff. Productivity increases, employee retention improves and teams achieve their full potential, both as individuals and as groups. Occupational psychology stands for employee satisfaction, and should be high up any HR manager’s list of priorities.

International Occupational Psychology

For international businesses, employee engagement is of paramount importance. You need employees in your furthest-flung offices to be working as efficiently as those in your US parent business, and to feel as connected with your HR support services as possible. In the case of expatriate staff members, employee satisfaction is even more significant. Occupational psychology is as much about helping employees deal with challenges outside of work, which can be considerable when employees have been relocated to a new country and culture.

For an HR manager, there’s a lot to consider: motivating employees can be demanding in a single location, let alone across an international network of offices. For this reason, the occupational psychology consultancy we provide at MCN covers a multitude of elements, including employee motivation , employee engagement and employee relations.

Meeting These Obligations

Our accredited occupational psychologists are on hand wherever in the world you operate payroll.

We offer advice on working environments, from interior design to ergonomic assessments. We arrange employee training and development opportunities. We provide testing and counselling for employees, to identify strengths and weaknesses in teams and create employee performance management systems. We work with executive teams to plan employee retention strategies, and with managers to advise on their leadership technique. We even plan team-building days and social events.

When it comes to motivating employees and maximizing your business psychology performance, MCN Global HR have you covered – wherever your business is headed.

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