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Employee Relations

Healthy employee relations are the cornerstone of international expansion. A business can plan their global growth strategy to the last detail, but failure to maintain a good working relationship with staff by non-compliance with local legislation or lack of understanding of local custom & practice can jeopardize the businesses entry into new locations. MCN Associates' Employee Relations service is designed to ensure this doesn’t happen. Our global relations specialists work to counter the two greatest types of risks to your business when expanding overseas: the strategic and the legal.

Strategic Risk

Successful International expansion can test the strongest business relationships. Global mobility will have a profound effect on employees' personal lives. Failure to support expatriated team members can therefore threaten your expansion abroad by reducing employee commitment and motivation.

In addition to providing comprehensive support for the logistics of international relocation, our experts in global employee relations are on hand to offer a full range of business psychology services for staff posted abroad. Our consultants can be on the ground with your relocated colleagues, offering personal support when dealing with culture shock and other issues that come with starting a new life abroad.

Equally, it's important to nurture good relations with your new local employees overseas. Teams abroad should understand your organizational values in order to build a business environment you’ll be happy to call your own.

As part of our wider occupational psychology service, our consultants can help improve employee commitment and productivity and boost engagement within overseas teams. Managing employee involvement in decision-making can be particularly tricky.

Let us help you get the balance right, and improved employee loyalty will follow.

Legal Risks

The legality of your overseas operations can also pose a serious threat to employee relations within your business.

As an employer relocating staff to new countries, you must comply with immigration laws in your new territory, sourcing the correct visa and work permit documents. New employees must be on-boarded using legally compliant offer letters and contracts of work. Failure to fully understand and deal with these legal obligations will leave your business open to expensive and protracted legal challenges. In the worst case scenario, your business could be expelled from a country and blacklisted from returning there as an employer.

As part of our Immigration Support services, MCN will put in place the full legal framework for your move abroad. We've got you covered, wherever in the world your business is headed.

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